How to Be Self-Employed

Let’s discuss how to be self-employed.

Determine the type of self-employment you want to pursue

There are various options available for creating self-employment. 

  • Business Owner: Many self-employed individuals choose the entrepreneurship path. Operating their own business such as sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company. 
  • Contractor: Contractors are hired to complete a set of work for a specific amount of time. Employment contracts can range in length from a few days to multiple years, depending on the nature of work. Contract roles are project-based or temporary.
  • Gig worker: Gig economy are independent jobs in the form of modern services. These jobs include driving for ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft. 

Create a schedule

Once you have determined the type of self-employment you want to pursue, you need to create a schedule that will help you maintain a better sense of work-life balance. It will also improve your communication with potential clients as you set hours for getting hold of you, which create a sense of routine and professionalism.

Develop processes

As you settle into being the boss, developing standard processes. This can help you work smarter, better, and faster. Implement a customer relationship management platform (CRM) and project management to keep track of client information and projects. You can also use a spreadsheet to manually track client information and manage projects. When you’re self-employed, you need a solid plan in place to help you manage your business finances. You need to understand where your money is coming from and how you are spending the money. 

Establish boundaries

When you are your own boss, it can be tempting to feel like you need to work all the time. In a traditional job, there are often set working hours or a physical space you go to and leave from each day to establish boundaries. When you work for yourself, you need to create those boundaries for yourself. 


This can be challenging but even if you are a sole proprietor, you can still delegate business tasks. Stay in your zone of genius and focus on the work you truly love to do. 

Seek out mentorship or coaching

Developing your skills and knowledge should be a top priority to help you grow and evolve in your career and having a trusted mentor or career coach is a great way to get this type of support. Engage in business activities, seminars, workshops and projects. Meet entrepreneurs like yourself and share knowledge.

Practice self-care

Last but certainly not least, make self-care a top priority. When you are your own boss, your livelihood depends on your ability to produce. You must take care of yourself so you can continue to feel your best. While being able to call your own shots sounds glamorous, being your own boss takes hard work, dedication, and incredible focus with no guarantee of pay, benefits, or success in your business. Don’t give up, you are the boss!

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