Syntyche Mutombo

Understanding the target audience to create fresh and meaningful content that portrays the mission and vision of the organization is a challenging aspect of a non-profit organization. With little to no experience in creating social media content, I felt challenged when I started working with Collective Interchange. We started the project with a few days of mentorship to define the value proposition, identify the target audience, and understand the organization. This enabled me to enhance my social media strategy and understand what is expected of me. Creating social media content enhanced my creativity, challenged my ideas, and made work exciting.

Collective Interchange has an amazing team. The process of brainstorming ideas for the project allows each team member to contribute and work on projects assigned to them. I benefit from the team’s weekly meetings as this is where I get to learn from other members of the team and effectively understand goals.

Collective Interchange is a diverse organization with opportunities for women. Working with Collective Interchange has granted me the opportunity to enhance my marketing skills, learn how to effectively create an idea, and embrace diversity.

Shiza Shahid

Volunteering at Collective Interchange has been a new and amazing learning experience for me. I have a huge passion for marketing so getting to be a part of the social media was an honor but even more than that getting to work with my team was incredible. The project managers and the rest of my team always had amazing conversations and the perfect feedback to help me grow as a person and also better my skills. The women that I got to work with were inspiring in many aspects and hope to implement all the god that they have taught me through the team meetings. Getting to work with this amazing group and seeing how each and everyone does their posts has also given me a new perspective and helped me learn how to better my own work. 

This opportunity has given me the chance to explore different parts of marketing that I was not even aware of and also get an inside look at running the social media of a non-profit organization. From the creation of the post to the writing of the caption getting to do it for the post, you are given allowed me to be creative with my posts.

Theresa Marina Philips

Being a part of the social media team at Collective Interchange throughout the past 8 weeks has been a challenging learning experience for me, but above all, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It was exciting to get to use my skills in social media marketing in the nonprofit co-operative environment with Collective Interchange. I got to be creative in making graphics and conducting interviews in ways that I have never been given the opportunity to. This experience has challenged me to think outside of the box and tap into a creative side that I don’t normally get to utilize.

This opportunity has taught me so much and has introduced me to women of whom I am constantly inspired and in awe. These women come from all different backgrounds and have such amazing stories to tell that I was given the privilege to hear. They have all taught me so much and have been such an amazing group of people to work alongside. I will be forever grateful to each and every one of them and know that I will cherish the things that they have taught me for the rest of my life.

Asal Naderi

Collective Interchange is a diverse non-profit co-op organization with great opportunities for women. Volunteering at Collective Interchange has enhanced my knowledge and experience in creating social media content. At first, I did not have any experience and knowledge of target audiences and creating social media content, but the weekly meetings were helpful in gaining the required knowledge.  Working with the organization has improved my knowledge of marketing skills and creativity which is the step to even greater job opportunities in the future. Overall, I have had an amazing experience working with the organization as it involves creativity, culture, and diversity in projects.

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