Become a Member!

Collective Interchange is always looking for enthusiastic members who enjoy working on non-profit initiatives with a great support network.

If you place a high value on collaboration, community improvement and diversity, our co-op can provide a supportive environment to help resource and further your projects to maximize their community impacts. We strongly believe all members of our co-op are equal partners, supporting each other’s work and individual businesses to thrive collectively.

Member Benefits:

  • we are supported by a network of individuals who share our values;
  • we all share in the overhead costs such as accounting, web hosting, and insurance so we leverage our collective assets to create low overhead;
  • we share our collective ideas and resources openly for the benefit of the co-operative and the community;
  • your member share guarantees that you have an equal seat at the decision-making table along with other co-op members; and
  • you will be working within a co-op sector governed by the principle of co-operatives supporting co-operatives.

More specifically, the Collective Interchange appeals to stakeholders who may:

  • work on their own or feel isolated and would benefit from the support of a professional network to strengthen your motivation and work;
  • value more innovative and cost-effective ways to resource their work;
  • enjoy exploring more creative ways to achieve stronger outcomes with their resources.

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