Our Services

Members of Collective Interchange offer a wide range of services. Our co-operative prioritizes flexibility, allowing us to work online or on-site on projects across Canada in major cities and in rural communities. To date, Collective Interchange’s members have completed projects spanning 30 locations throughout Canada.

Our continuum of services includes:

  • Partnership brokering services – We help you connect with and explore multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder partnerships to find solutions.  We use a strengths-based approach to help you explore collective and individual goals, design your potential collaborations for a win-win partnership.  Everyone gets to play!
  • Project design and technical writing – We have particular skills imagining new possibilities with extensive experience  writing concept papers, funding proposal submissions, performance measurement plans, resource development including curriculum and participant tools and templates, as well as our specialty of graphic recording; all within a logic model accountability framework;
  • Project management services – We manage or deliver projects!   We create work plans with time lines and milestones.  We partner and hire people.  We work with you to design activities and use resources so your project is the best it can be!  If you want someone to take care of logistics, project implementation, reporting and project evaluation, check us out;
  • Community development – We love citizen engagement and helping facilitate transitions for individuals and organizations through education, training and placed-based learning activities, including Train-the-Trainer programs.  We are continuous learners ensuring our work is relevant and keeping abreast of emerging trends and news.  We use technology to meet and manage our projects;
  • Entrepreneurial services – We are co-op members and you could be too!  We provide a positive women-centred support network and practical business services i.e. accounting, insurance, contract support etc. so independent business owners do not have to go it alone.

To learn more about Collective Interchange’s past and current projects, click here.

Our Market

With our mission of positive community impact, this co-operative engages stakeholders who are positioned to improve communities yet recognize the added value of partnerships to achieve results. We work with representatives from government departments, non-profits, educational institutions, non-incorporated groups, enterprises or individuals working in our province or elsewhere on municipal, provincial or federal goals, strategies and plans.

The Collective Interchange focuses on ensuring that under-represented or disadvantaged individuals or groups participate in our work so they help guide solutions so everyone can benefit from our work.

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