Our Story

Collective Interchange was conceived by a group of women who wanted to work differently and create greater impacts in their community.

As we began articulating the mission and values of Collective Interchange, we quickly realized our vision for the organization didn’t fit into any of the non-profit structures we had spent our careers working with. After reaching out to our national network, we learned that our goals might be more aligned with a co-operative structure. In 2015, we connected with the Newfoundland-Labrador Federation of Co-operatives, which helped us explore the possibilities of this creative enterprise structure.  The incorporation of this multi-stakeholder network provides members with a legal operating structure to champion non-profit and charitable initiatives based on co-operative principles and collaborative work.

Collective Interchange is about heart and passion for change. Its founders have worked across non-profit, for-profit and public sectors. Armed with our diverse strengths, we resource people and organizations to meet their goals.

Collective Interchange was created differently to work differently:

  1. It serves the collective interests and passions of its members within the context of service delivery principles of fairness, justice, responsive and cost effectiveness. Our co-op members have the autonomy to set our direction based on opportunities they want to engage in within our community.
  2. Our collective energy aims to fill gaps within the community by tackling projects with a definitive start and end in sight; projects that help others reinvent and deliver responsive, ongoing programs and services. Our projects benefit from the support and broad skill sets our talented collective members and partners have to offer.  As a co-operative, our membership is the strength of our work. Interested in becoming one of our members?
  3. Our flexible, low overhead business model opts to use publicly funded infrastructure solely on an as needed basis.  We want more of our resources directed at the work rather than keeping the lights on!
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