Current Projects

New World, New Way

Addressing Systemic Barriers for Immigrant Women focused on Sustainability of Businesses and/ or Employment

New World, New Way is a 3-year capacity building project, funded by the Government of Canada’s Department of Women and Gender Equality. This exciting project is a collaborative learning experience that provides opportunities for immigrant women and service providers to work together to explore solutions on how to address the different barriers impacting accessibility and use of available resources by immigrant women. Through this collaboration, the project involves piloting new resources, policies, and practices that aim to better support immigrant women’s access to programs and information regarding business and employment.

Accelerating Inclusion

Achieving 50-30 in the Co-operative Sector

Accelerating Inclusion: Achieving 50-30 in the Co-operative Sector is a partnership project with the Women’s Economic Council (WEC). This partnership involves a four-year initiative aimed at diversifying co-operatives so that they benefit from a broader diversity of talent. This project specifically focuses on the aims of gender parity (50% women and/ or non-binary people) and significant representation (30% other equity deserving groups) on Canadian co-operative boards and in senior management positions. This project provides training and support for co-op leaders to strengthen their diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, while supporting women from equity deserving groups with training and connection opportunities. This program is funded by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

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Communications Program

Structural Changes that Create Professional Opportunities for Women

Our Collective Interchange Communications Program is an inclusive, capacity building program that provides employment development opportunities for women, particularly those who may face systematic barriers to employment. This program is part of our effort to put one of the co-op principles, Care for the Community, into action. The communications program provides work experience to the members, and uses peer mentorship and collaborative practices. This program allows us to bring together young people from a wide variety of educational fields and ethnic origins to create a team with many different valuable perspectives and lived experiences.  Through funding provided by Venture for Canada, we were able to create employment opportunities for interns in this program.  

Open Doors Adult Education Project

The Open Doors Adult Education Project is a women focused community elevation program. This project aims to support the empowerment of marginalized immigrant women by helping them move forward in fulfilling their social and economic goals. Open Doors is focused on collaborating with adult learners through an intersectional lens, creating relevant and inclusive sessions that resonate with the identified participants’ goals. These women-led sessions reflect women’s lived experiences, and are designed to support adult learning. The project is funded by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation.

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